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Achieve more, worry less.

Learn how to operate smarter, the digital way.

“I’ve tried everything!”

You’ve tried writing down your tasks every single day. You even went out and got that sleek-looking notepad to write stuff down on. 

You worked on your killer mindset, tried productivity apps your friends told you about, read blogs, subscribed to newsletters… but you find yourself exactly where you started. Feeling overwhelmed with endless to-do-lists, projects that never seem to get done, files that you can’t find, and an inbox that’s so messy you’re too scared to open it.

Self-doubt creeps in. “Maybe I’m just not the productive type…” 

Sound familiar?

There IS a better way.

We all have the same 24 hours in our day.

So what do the highly productive ultra-achievers of today know that you don’t?

First, they know that the world is not what it was 10 years ago. Information is widespread and easily accessible. Anyone can become an “expert” on a subject matter in a few short months. So more is expected from us to stand out.

For example, to become a successful freelance designer, it takes more than being good at design. You should know how to build a personal brand and be successful at marketing, sales, invoicing, accounting, and negotiating. 

You need to stay on top of all of that and somehow still remember to renew your passport every 5 years, make a payment to your credit card next Thursday, renew your driver’s license next month, and don’t forget to get milk on your way home tonight!

How can you possibly keep track of everything using just your notepads and to-do-lists?

You can’t.

Just like our education system, something has to change.

The Digital Way

Imagine having a digital system that organizes your files so you can access that very important blog you read 6 months ago. That allows you to have an empty and up-to-date inbox that you look forward to login to. That sends you a reminder to cash that cheque on your way back from the gym.

A system that fits in your phone and does anything you need it to do so you can be more productive. Your own pocket-sized personal assistant.

How productive would you be?

You’d complete all your daily tasks and nothing would fall through the cracks. You’d finally start accomplishing your projects on time and still have enough hours in your day to work on your personal growth and enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve.

This is exactly what this program is for. 

Learn how to leverage technology to automate your tasks, digitally store your information, and gain clarity over your projects so you can easily achieve your goals.

The Problem with Momentum

Most people think being productive means maintaining a constant forward-moving momentum. The problem with momentum is that it fluctuates. It’s based on feelings not intellect, which means you are under its mercy.

Why do we think we “need” momentum?

Imagine you’re playing a new version of the game Monopoly. This version needs at least 15 hours of playing time for it to be over. You can’t play it all in one day, you have to play for 3 hours every day until the game is over and a winner is proclaimed.

Every time the 3 hours are up, you take note of your progress, put back all the pieces into the box, then reorganize everything the way it was the next day.

How long do you think you’ll keep playing before one of the players loses interest and stops playing?

How much momentum would you need to keep going?

This is what your brain does each time you’re working on a project. Every single day, you relook at your notes, files, and minutes of meetings and piece together your progress, starting over from scratch. That’s why if you’re not “feeling it”, you can’t get yourself to do that massive effort over and over again. The project dies out.

Become Momentum-Proof

With digital technology, you can build on your previous efforts and simplify things for your future self, by leveraging digital apps, automation, and templates. It allows you to “save” your progress when working on projects, just like you save a video game.

You no longer need momentum because you can pick up a project exactly where you left off, with a few clicks.

This is exactly what you’ll learn in this program.

Project Overview

Gain clarity. Focus on execution.

No more sifting through your notes, piecing together what stage of the project you’re in. Learn how to break up your projects into smaller independent steps, then lay out and schedule all of them so you can focus on execution. 

Whenever you need a reminder, you can take a quick look at your Project Overview and know exactly how far along you’ve progressed.

Knowledge Hub

Capture Information. Use it when you need it.

How many blog posts and podcasts have you consumed last month? How many kick-ass tips did you see on Instagram or Tiktok in the past week alone? 

Stop trying to remember everything. Learn how to capture valuable information from blogs, social media or interesting conversations then store it neatly in your Knowledge Hub. And when you need it, find it instantly, wherever you are.

My Life Console

Set life goals. Take on projects accordingly.

Instead of starting projects because “they seem like a great idea” then dumping them midway through, set your life goals then take on projects that fulfill them.

Use Your Life Console to monitor your progress regularly and make the necessary course corrections so you can stay on track to achieving your dreams.  

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