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Modern Complexity

As we use digital platforms for work, communication, and entertainment our lives are becoming more convenient. With a click of a button, you can now publish content, watch any movie, get food delivered, order a taxi, or join a meeting while having all the information you need at your fingertips.

At the same time, this has added multiple layers of complexity. You need to have your reminders accurate and complete, your passwords managed, your projects clear, tasks scheduled, and your inbox clear.

Some people suggest that we stop using all these apps and meditate in nature. Others suggest embracing the chaos because there’s no way to manage all your responsibilities without overwhelm.

I suggest a third approach. Why don’t we use digital productivity apps to augment our mental capacity?

The Full Stack Digitalist

It can be challenging to know how to use multiple productivity apps. There are so many tools.

A tech stack refers to a collection of tools used to achieve what you need.

The term “Full-Stack” is popular in the tech world. Full Stack is originally defined as “the entirety of a computer system or application, comprising both the frontend and the backend”.

This implies that full-stack developers should know frontend and backend programming, hardware, operating system, networks, databases, and the security of the system.

Similarly, a full-stack entrepreneur is someone with the skillset required to start a business and keep it running.

What’s a Full-Stack Digitalist?

A Full-Stack Digitalist is someone with a complete set of digital apps that are used for enhancing productivity.

There’s no one rigid way of doing that. It all depends on your goals and needs.

A typical productivity stack contains apps like an email client, a task manager, notes apps, project managers and workspace apps.

Build Your Stack

To start building your own Digital Productivity Stack, start with what you have.

Do you use a task manager? Maybe a notes app? Do you need to add a workspace app to organize collections or create dashboards?

You can start by checking out my Digital Productivity Toolkit for free. It’s a Notion database with some of the most commonly used productivity apps.

This list will keep evolving as I will keep testing and adding new tools.

Learn Stacking Step-by-Step

This course teaches you how to set up all your digital productivity apps to become a Full-Stack Digitalist.

Module 1: Action Engine

This is where you set up the apps required to help you take action consistently.

1.1 Command Center: Task management system to store all your to-dos.

1.2 Calendar Zero: Calendar management system to schedule all your events.

Module 2: Knowledge Filter

This is where you set up the apps required to help you use information effectively.

2. Second Brain: Notes system to manage all your knowledge.

Module 3: Messaging Pump

3. Inbox Zero: Set up an email system to consistently achieve inbox zero.

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Full Stack Digitalist

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